About Us

Fatigue Life LLC is a company dedicated to metal fatigue technologies in structures, pressure vessels, piping systems and other mechanical components subjected to cyclic loading.  Our expertise and practical experiences on fatigue life analysis are backed by in depth understanding of different design codes and standards in Americas and Europe.  It is our belief that, with modern computing power, fatigue design doesn’t have to be frustrating and prohibitive.  We strive to serve the needs of engineers around the world with our streamlined fatigue life analysis software.  We are committed to improving our software and providing our customers with constant support.  We work hard to ensure software’s quality and accuracy.  The architecture of our software is designed by engineers practicing in the industry who are familiar with the needs of engineers and requirements of design codes.  We also actively engage with academic institutions to make sure that the best available technologies and the latest development are incorporated in our software.

Let us be a part of your journey.