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1) Choose Input>ASME Sec III Appendices Data Input or click ASME Sec III Appendices Data Input button .  The ASME Sec III Appendices Data Input dialog box appears.



2) In the Spec No. drop-down menu, choose SA-516.  The Material Selection dialog window pops up to refine the selection.



Choose SA-516 70 and click Confirm Selection button.  When the following dialog box pops up, click Confirm highlighted material button, then the next window will display allowable stresses at temperatures.  This step is neccessary because for the same material, there are two different sets of allowable stresses, one set for short term, and one set for long term considering creep effect.  If not sure which set is appropriate, consult ASME code book.  But for this material, there is only one set.  Click Start over button to try again, or click OK button to confirm.


With the selected material, the program automatically suggest a fatigue curve.



The fatigue curve for the selected material can be plotted by clicking Plot button.  You can zoom, print or export the chart, or change the styles of the chart by clicking the buttons on the tool bar.  Click X button on the upper-right corner to close the window.



If you are not satisfied with the suggested fatigue curve, click Change button to choose a different curve in the following pop-window.



Click OK button to confirm the selection or Cancel button to discard.


3) Leave 1.0 in the Sn:Sp ratio box unchanged.


Sn = primary + secondary stress (Pm + PL + Pb + Q)


Sp = primary + secondary + peak stress (Pm + PL + Pb + Q + F)


It is required that entered stresses be Sp so that Sn is derived from Sp by Sn:Sp ratio (<= 1.0). Leaving Sn:Sp ratio = 1.0 is conservative.


4) Enter 1.0 in Fatigue strength reduction factor Kf box.  Click Reference button to see examples of fatigue strength reduction factors.



Now the data input is complete. 



Click OK to return to home window.






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