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To create a new project,


1) Choose File>New..., or click New button  on tool bar.  The New dialog box is displayed.  Check Manually input radio button.



Note:  The Use stress type group box is for ANSYS result file option; checking any radio button in this group has no effect on manually input project.


2) Click OK button.  The Manual Input dialog box is displayed.  From the Stress Unit drop-down menu, choose ksi; from the Stress Method drop-down menu, choose Stress intensity.



3) In the input editor area, enter the stress intensity value.  Note that in this tutorial, there is only one value to be entered.  If multiple values are entered, the numbers are separated by comma(,), or semicolon(;), or space.  Note that the stress Count turned form 0 to 1 now.



Note:  The single value of stress is the simplest form of input.  It implies a full cycle of loading, with stress intensity starts from zero, rise to 44.237 ksi, then goes back to zero.  Alternatively, the data can be inputted as "0 44.237 0" or "0,44.237,0".


4) Click Temperature tab.  Enter temperature value 640.4.  The unit is consistent with the stress unit.  For stress unit ksi, the temperature unit is degree Fahrenheit.



5) Click OK button.  Now the project is created and the home window displays.  The default unit of time is "second".  Click radio button step to switch the unit of time to "step".



To make changes on the manually inputted data, choose Edit>Edit Manual Input or click Edit Manual Input button .  This will bring back the Manual Input dialog box.


6) Save your work by clicking File>Save... or Save button . The Save FatiguePlus file dialog box displays.  Select the desired folder in which to save the file.  Enter the file name of your choice in File name: box.  The Fatigue+ files are identified by .fp extension.  If the .fp extension is omitted, the program will add the extension automatically. Click Save button.







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