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3.4 Chart Control Panel

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Depending on type of stresses, the following items may or may not be displayed.  Legend group box and Time Unit group box are always displayed.  Items in Curves group box are context dependent.  For example, S1 Angle X, Y, Z and S3 Angle X, Y, Z are displayed only when 6-component stresses are inputted.




Legend Group Box


Legend group box items are used to control legend in the chart.


Show check box - Check this box to show legend; uncheck to hide legend.


Position - Choose legend placement Left, Right, Bottom, or Top to move the legend to the left side of the chart, and so on.  The default placement is Bottom.


Length - Change this number to tweak the length of the legend entries.  The unit of the line length is pixel.


Curves Group Box


Check or uncheck the check boxes of relevant curves to show or hide the curves in the charts.


Time Unit Group Box


Choose second, minute, unit or step for the time series in the chart.







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