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2.2.6 Tutorial 6 - EN 13445-3 Presssure Vessel Unwelded Shell

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This tutorial provides a step-by-step demonstration for EN 13445-3 unwelded fatigue analysis using Fatigue+.


A pressure vessel goes through a loading and unloading process.  The stress intensity reaches 305 MPa when loaded with 338oC fluid, and drop to zero when unloaded. The shell of the pressure vessel is made of EN 10028 P355GH.  Wall thickness of the vessel is 80 mm.  Surface condition of the vessel is rolled shape with peak-to-valley height Rz = 200 μm.


The shell under evaluation is away from geometrical discontinuities.  Take stress concentration factor Kt = 1.0.


Calculate fatigue life of the pressure vessel shell.





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