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1) Choose Run>Fatigue Life Calculations or click Fatigue Life Calculations button  on the toolbar.


2) The program starts fatigue calculations. 



3) When calculations are completed successfully, the Output Information window displays information like this:



The summary shows the maximum fatigue damage ratio and fatigue life.  The fatigue life refers to repeats of block.  The block is the block of stress values that is entered in the loading input and that is shown on the charts.  A block can consist of a number of cycles (e.g. -20, 10, -30, 50, -10, 30, -40, 40, -20), or it can be a single cycle (e.g. 0,50,0); it can even be half of cycle (e.g. 0,50).  In the single cycle case, the "repeats of block" equals to allowable number of cycles.


In this case, the number of the process event that the tube can survive is 4500.




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