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1) Choose Input>EN 12952-3 Input or click EN 12952-3 Input button .  The EN 12952-3 Input dialog box appears.



2) In the Select Material Database group box, choose EN material radio button.  In the EN Material group box, click EN 10216 Seamless tubes radio button.  In the Steel Name drop-down menu, choose X10CrMoVNb9-1 <=16.  Recall that the tube thickness is 12 mm, hence select <=16 thickness.



The fatigue curve for the selected material can be plotted by clicking Plot fatigue curve button.  You can zoom, print or export the chart, or change the styles of the chart by clicking the buttons on the tool bar.  Click X button on the upper-right corner to close the window.



3) Surface condition of the tube is that peak-to-valley height Rz = 30 μm.  In the Correction factor Ck drop-down menu, choose Ck0 = 1.0 to 1.3 (for Rz = 6 to 50 μm).



Surfaces in the non-welded region with peak-to-valley heights Rz of 6 to 50 μm can be assigned values of Ck0 = 1.3 for Rm = 1000 MPa, and Ck0 = 1,1 for Rm = 400 MPa.  For Rm value between 400 MPa and 1000 MPa, Ck0 value is interpolated.



Click OK to return to home window.






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