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1) Choose Input>Project Setup or click Project Setup button .  The Project Setup dialog box displays. 



Because the Shear strain + normal stress (FS model) are entered, the program automatically select Fatemi-Socie criterion under the Multiaxial fatigue model.  All other fatigue models and codes are disabled.  For this strain and stress combination, the proportional radio button is checked by the program in the Loading type group box; the nonproportional loading type is not applicable.


Since the beneficial effect of compressive strains is not considered, check Ignore normal compressive benefit radio button.


The Stress type Labeling group is for labeling the charts if the user choose to show node/element number on the charts; checking any of the radio buttons has no effect on the analysis results. 


Select report type by checking Summary, or Report, or Detailed report radio button. 


The Bin size spin box is used for rainflow cycle counting.  Bin size is the number of bins in stress range histogram and fatigue damage ratio charts.  Changing this value will not affect calculation results; rather, it only changes the presentation of the results.  The default value is 18.  The value range is from 5 to 200. 


2) Fill in Project Information.  This step is optional, and the information in this group are entered in free-form format.


Click "OK" button to return to main window.








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