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1) Choose Input>Fatigue Model Input or click Fatigue Model Input button .  The Fatigue Modeling Data Input dialog box appears.



2) In the Select material drop-down menu, select ASTM A36.  The material properties are retrieved from material database and displayed.


The fatigue curve for the selected material can be plotted by clicking Plot fatigue curve button.  You can zoom, print or export the chart, or change the styles of the chart by clicking the buttons on the tool bar.  Click X button on the upper-right corner to close the window.



3) To calculate fatigue strength reduction factor Kf, click Calculate button.  The Fatigue Strength Reduction Factor Kf Calculator dialog window displays.  The default values are 1.0.  Change Cc (corrosive environment factor) to 0.90; change Cf (notch effect factor) to 0.70.  Note that the Kf value is automatically updated to 0.63, which is the product of 0.90 and 0.70.  Click OK button to confirm and return to previous window.



4) Leave default Stress safety factor 1.5 and Load cycle safety factor 10 as is.



Click OK to return to home window.






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