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1.1 Using Help

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The help window consists of two panes - the navigation pane on the left and the topic pane on the right.


The navigation pane has the following tabs:


oContents - used for browsing topics.

oIndex - index of help content.

oSearch - displays the search results.


Hypertext links in the topic pane on the right let you move easily between related topics.


To open the Help window


Click the Help tool in the menu, on top of the application window




Press <F1>




Click the question mark (?) on the title bar of a pop-up window.


The Help window then opens and the Contents tab is displayed.


Using tool tips


Where available, hover the cursor over an item, without clicking it, a tool tip appears - a small "hover box" with information about the item being hovered over.


To browse topics using the Contents tab


1.On the contents tab, click the symbol preceding any link to expand its contents.

2.Continue expanding folders until the desired topic is reached.

3.Select a topic to display its content in the topic pane.


Using Back or Forward arrows to navigate


oClick the back (left) arrow to previous topic.

oClick the forward (right) arrow to the next topic.


Using the index to find the text in help contents


1.Select the index tab.

2.Scroll through the index using the scroll bar to find a specific entry.

3.Select the desired entry.  The content that the selected index entry is referencing displays in the topic pane on the right.


Using search box to find the text in help contents


1.In the search box type in the keyword(s) to find text in the help contents.

2.Click "List Topics" button or press <Enter>.  Results of the search display on the Search tab.

3.Select topic to display by clicking the title of any search result.

4.To search for a specific term within a topic, press <Ctrl+F>; enter keyword in the "Find" box.






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